Hi! My name is Lareina Welch and I love to travel and make memories with my wonderful husband and three crazy kiddos.

When it comes to Disney, Universal, Cruises and All-Inclusives - I've been there, done that - made a checklist!

Let my years of experience, vendor connections and love of vacation planning make your next vacation the easiest AND most memorable - for FREE!

Hi! My name is Kim Jakubas and I’m a graduate of College of Disney knowledge. My attention to detail makes me a super planner. I am so excited to be a part of Walt’s World Vacations. I offer concierge-level services at no cost to our clients!

  We took our children to Disney World almost every year and as soon as my first grandchild was born, I said “I can’t wait to take him to Disney” Now, four grandchildren later, one with Autism, we have one huge, magical Disney World trip in the record books. It was truly magically.  It took over a year of planning for special needs. I can help you plan your trip, from little details to packages.

Hiya! My name is Ciara Seroogy. I am a mother of a child who is a thrill seeker, but can’t yet ride the rides. Also a military wife that is a graduate of Disney College of Knowledge. I grew up in a small town near Destin, Florida, but I spent my summers visiting family in San Diego, California. It is where we spent most of our time together at Disneyland and just about every amusement park in the area. I didn’t start going to Walt Disney World till I married my husband and got stationed in Savannah, GA. My love for Disney has grown over the years since then. My time with my clients is 100% FREE! I want you to think of me as your personal fairy godmother. Bippity Boppity Boo!

  Hello! My name is Susie Call. I am a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and co-owner of Walt's World Vacations. My husband and I, along with our 6 children, love to travel and Walt Disney World is our favorite destination. We are a family of Disney Addicts. With children ranging in age from infant to teen, I have experience with the magical and memorable moments Disney offers guests of all ages.

  I am able to offer concierge-level services to assist in the planning and preparation for any Disney vacation you choose.

  All of our services are 100% FREE of charge to our clients.  I look forward to helping you make your Disney vacation dreams come true!  Please contact me today for your no-obligation quote.

  Hello, there! My name is Colleen Van Duyne, and I’m a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and agent here at Walt’s World Vacations. I walked through the gates of Disneyland for the first time at the age of 9 while visiting Southern California, and instantly fell in love. Many years (and many Disney World trips) later, I’m still a kid again when I take those first few steps down Main Street USA. On our first trip together, my husband grew from a “good sport” to a Tower of Terror fanatic. Even our spunky 2 year old’s deep love of all things Disney is legendary, so we’re a fully devoted Disney family!

  From romantic getaway to family adventure, there is a perfect Disney vacation waiting for you. I’ll be with you every step of the way with free planning services so you can just sit back and enjoy the magic. Think of me as your vacation planning Fairy Godmother!

About Us:

Hello fellow Disney lovers!!

  My name is Kayla and I am a graduate of the Disney's College of Knowledge!! My obsession with Disney became full blown when we took our first daughter to Disney when she was 2. Seeing that sweet face light up when we first walked down Main Street, was something that I will remember like it was yesterday. I close my eyes and I see that sweet, blonde hair blue eyed baby squeal with excitement!  Disney takes you into a different world. A world full of magic and excitement. I would love to help you plan your next Disney Vacation, to help you create memories that will be cherished forever. Contact me for your FREE, no obligation quote today! 

  Hello! My name is Jenny Moore and I have just recently graduated from the College of Disney Knowledge. I live in Murfreesboro Tennessee and have been married for 24 years to my husband Wayne and we have two sons Daniel and Bradley. I graduated from the University of Tennessee @ Martin with a BS in Education.

  I am so excited about being a part of Walt’s World Vacations. All our services are 100% free. I can offer you concierge- level of services. With that being said I want to make this the most Magical vacation you have ever taken. If there is ever anything I can do to earn your business Please Do Not hesitate to ask for assistance. My promise to you is that if I don’t know the answer I will research it and find the answer and get back to you as soon as possible.

  Customer Service is my #1 priority. Let me earn your business!

  Hello! My name is Katie Moore and I am a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge. I have always loved Disney, especially Beauty and the Beast. With each trip my family took to Disney World growing up, the more time I wanted to spend there!

  As an adult, I enjoy taking Disney trips with my own family…and for me, planning is half the fun! Let me help you and your family make magical memories, completely FREE of charge!

  Hi there! My name is Randi Kirkland. I am a College of Disney Knowledge Graduate and a Disney enthusiast! My family and I are engrossed with little details spanning from Disney books, movies, art and now planning! I am so incredibly excited to be able to help plan your trip, as well as give you tips and inside scoops that will help you navigate and save time PLUS money! As always, my services are Complimentary! I hope to gain a friendship with your family as I embark this new journey! 💗

  Hello Friends!  My name is Mary Byrd.  I am a mother of 3 and wife to my amazing husband.  I am a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and recently took my very first trip to Disney World.  I fell in love!   My purpose and hope as your travel agent is to help you create a vacation that is as Magical as the unforgettable visit my family experienced! My passions are People and Planning!  I am beyond excited to be apart of Walt's World Vacations and I look forward to working with you! Best news; all the services with clients are completely FREE!

  Hello! My name is Jennifer Farris and I am a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge. I worked at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World on Disney's College Program and have such a love for all things Disney! I graduated from the University of Georgia and married the love of my life (we met working at Disney World).


  Now that we have three children, we love Disney vacations even more! For years I've helped friends and family plan magical Disney experiences and now I would love to help you make memories your family will cherish FOREVER!

Hello fellow Disney Dreamers! My name is Rachel Thurman. I am a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and a life-long Disney Dreamer! Living on the West Coast, I tend to specialize in Disneyland Resort Vacations and can help you design a vacation around the needs of your individual family.

I offer concierge-level services to assist in the planning and preparation for any Disney vacation you choose. Whether it’s a short weekend getaway or the long vacation you’ve been dreaming of for years, I am ready and willing to help make your Disney Dreams a reality! All the services provided by Walt’s World Vacations are 100% free of charge.  Please contact me today for your no-obligation quote! Have a magic filled day and keep on Disney Dreaming!

  Hello!  My name is Stephanie Gravell.  I am a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and huge Disney fan!  I grew up in California where my family took us to Disneyland many times a year.  After moving halfway across the country our love transferred over to Disney World.  I participated in Disney's College Program and had the privilege to work in the Magic Kingdom.

  I am passionate about travel and vacation planning, therefore I would love to help you plan your next Magical Vacation!  The best part is, my services would be absolutely free for clients!  Let me help you plan the vacation of your dreams.

​  Hello!My name is Katrina Deys and I am a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge. My love for Disney began at the age of five while watching The Little Mermaid. Growing up in California, my family made countless trips to Disneyland and it was always such a grand experience.

  Now I have two children of my own who love Disney as much as I do, and it's so fun to share the magic of Disney with them. Our entire family lives and breathes all things Disney. We now live in NC and the first family vacation we took was to Disney World. I would love to help you plan and prepare for any of the memorable vacations that Disney has to offer!

  My concierge-level travel services are offered at no cost to clients!  I look forward to making your Disney vacation magical!